restorative dental services

As a restorative dentist, I’m passionate about patient care, and have taken the greatest measures to ensure minimally invasive restorative work and pain-free procedures through innovative tech, modern approaches, and good old fashioned empathy.

aesthetic crowns

We all know the basic function of a dental crown: they’re used to restore structural integrity to a tooth that has suffered from decay, or to plug a large cavity. Normally, they’re made from gold – wait, they’re not anymore? Yes, throw away the notion that all dental crowns are made from metal! Aesthetic crowns are ultra-modern and utilise materials like lithium disilicate (a glass-like ceramic) and hard-wearing ceramics.  This means gone are the days of the “ugly crown”. These new compounds also last longer and require less invasive procedures to fit. They also blend into the natural colouring of your teeth, thus their name: aesthetic crowns. And, if you’re wanting to replace your old-school crowns, not only can we can arrange that, but you won’t be swallowing any of the pieces during the removal process since we use rubber dams. 

clearsmile aligners

If you’re regretting not making your teeth perfect when you were a teenager, and can’t face the orthodontist in your adulthood, ClearSmile aligners are the answer you might not have known existed.  These are clear, removable cosmetic mouth trays that help to straighten your front teeth (only, not for premolars and anterior teeth). Easy to use and perfect for moving mal-aligned teeth over a short period, with just a little bit of evening work, you can become the owner of a perfect smile. A quick consultation in the chair and you’ll be in possession of your ClearSmile aligners in no time. 

cosmetic bonding

If you’re looking to correct cracks and chips or change the shape of your tooth or close tooth gaps in the front of your mouth, cosmetic bonding is the procedure you need. With this procedure, it’s all about the resin. The tooth-coloured composite resin is applied to the problem area after it has been cleaned, then a special light is used to harden the substance. That’s it. It’s all done in a flash! And, if you’re wondering, “But won’t this resin dry as a brighter white than my teeth?” The short answer is – no. We have every shade of white under the sun. This means no one will be the wiser that you’ve had work done! It’ll be our little cosmetic-bonding secret, but then again, I’d like it if you shared my good work.

metal-free dentistry / white fillings

We’re not fans of heavy-metal, musically or dentistry-wise (but if you’d like us to play heavy metal during a procedure we can… Anyway!). Our practice specialises in removing old amalgam (metal) fillings, and as we’ve mentioned before, we ensure that our patients don’t swallow the metal particles by utilising a rubber dam. So, if you’re looking to lose some metal, we can help.

pain-free root canal therapy

It may seem like an oxymoron, but you really can experience a pain-free root canal! Don’t let pop-culture references or your colleague’s retelling of tales from over a decade ago frighten you away – you can easily have a root canal therapy without needing pain counselling afterwards. When we perform pain-free root canal therapy, we take our time. Book a day off work as we’re effectively going to go through all the anaesthesia processes, taking care to ensure that we follow all the steps. At some point, we may need to administer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) should it be required.


We’ve all heard about veneers. The mental image conjured up for most about veneers is of an elderly man with pearly whites that can blind a person from a mile away. We’re here to inform you that we go through a whole digital laboratory to ensure that you don’t land up with veneers that look out of place. Veneers are thin, custom-made shells that cover the front of your teeth, and they can be tailored to suit your needs. If you’re worried they might come off, don’t – these veneers are applied to the surface of your teeth with an adhesive that’s guaranteed to outlast your tattoo. 

tooth whitening

If you’re looking to take your teeth from an 80s wallpaper colour to a crisp white, we offer teeth whitening services. You can book a spot in the chair for a whitening procedure, which yields quicker results than the product taken off the shelf. After your procedure, you will need to put in some homework: we will provide you with home-bleaching trays, which you will need to use as directed for best results. Or if you are a DIYer, we can offer you the home-bleaching trays and bleach without the in-house procedure, which you can use at your own discretion. 



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